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Integration of sweet taste and metabolism determines carbohydrate reward-study 3

Non-caloric beverages were mixed from novel flavors, citric acid, sucralose and food coloring. Participants, with 3 similarly liked but differently flavored and colored beverages who were unable to detect maltodextrin participated in 6 exposure sessions during which each beverage was consumed 6 times consistently paired with one of 3 caloric loads (0,112.5 and 150 kcal). An fMRI session followed in which participants sampled the non-caloric versions of the 3 exposed beverage (CS-, CS112.5, and CS150), as well as a tasteless and odorless control solution.


001 Gustatory stimulation with liquid tastes or flavors


  • Dana M Small
  • Martin Yeomans
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Nils B Kroemer
  • Wambura Fobbs
  • Barkha Patel
  • Richard Keith Babbs
  • Maria Geraldine Veldhuizen

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Name: Maria Veldhuizen

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Siemens TrioTim Syngo MR B17



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