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Moral judgments of intentional and accidental moral violations across Harm and Purity domains

The purpose of this data is to investigate neural differences within regions associated with Theory of Mind across a) intentional vs accidental moral acts; b) across moral domains (harmful vs impure acts); c) across moral subdomains; d) between morally relevant and nonmoral scenarios. Subjects were scanned while completing a Theory of Mind localizer task, and while completing the moral judgment task. For each scenario, subjects saw a text-based version of the scenario, and rated its moral wrongness on a 1-4 scale. Each scenario text was presented in 4 serial segments, comprising Background, Action, Outcome, and Intent.


For representational similarity analysis scripts:


000 false belief task


  • Amelia Brown
  • James Dungan
  • Jorie Koster-Hale
  • Emily Wasserman
  • Alek Chakroff
  • Rebecca Saxe
  • Liane Young

Contact Information:

Name: Liane Young (Contact only after 7/2017)

Acknowledgements and Funding:

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Simons Foundation, NIH Grant 1R01 MH096914-01A1. Thanks to the members of the Morality Lab and Saxelab for helpful comments on manuscripts and data analyses.

External Publication Links:

Decoding moral judgments from neural representations of intentions
When minds matter for moral judgment: intent information is neurally encoded for harmful but not impure acts

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Siemens 3T Trio



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000212



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