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T1-weighted structural MRI study of cannabis users at baseline and 3 years follow up

Heavy cannabis users (N=20, age baseline M=20.5, SD=2.1) and non-cannabis using healthy controls (N=22, age baseline M=21.6, SD=2.45) underwent a comprehensive psychological assessment and a T1-weighted structural MRI scan at baseline and 3 years follow-up.

All structural MRI scans were acquired using a 3T MRI scanner (Intera, Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands) with a phased array SENSE eight-channel receiver head coil. For each participant, a T1-weighted structural MRI image was acquired (T1 turbo field echo, TR 9.6 s, TE 4.6 s, 182 slices, slice thickness 1.2 mm, FOV 256x256 mm, in-plane resolution 256x256 mm, flip angle 8 degrees).

Data in this dataset: T1-weighted high-resolution structural


  • Lieuwe de Haan
  • Anneke E. Goudriaan
  • Dick J. Veltman
  • Marise W. J. Machielsen
  • Carin J. Meijer
  • Reinout W. Wiers
  • Wim van den Brink
  • Wilhelmina A.M. Vingerhoets
  • Janna Cousijn
  • Laura Koenders

Acknowledgements and Funding:

This study is supported through funding received from the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific research - Health Research and Development, ZonMW grant #31180002 awarded to A.E. Goudriaan and W. van den Brink and grant #31160007 awarded to L. de Haan. Additional funding was obtained from Vici grant #453.008.001 awarded to R.W. Wiers by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and from the Amsterdam Brain Imaging Center (BIC) for MRI scans.

External Publication Links:

Grey Matter Changes Associated with Heavy Cannabis Use: A Longitudinal sMRI Study.

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Philips Intera 3T



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