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Auditory and Visual Oddball EEG-fMRI

Healthy subjects performed separate but analogous auditory and visual oddball tasks (interleaved), while we recorded simultaneous EEG-fMRI.


001 oddball task

002 oddball task


  • Paul Sajda
  • Truman R Brown
  • Bryan Conroy
  • Jordan Muraskin
  • Robin I Goldman
  • Jennifer M Walz

Acknowledgements and Funding:

This work was funded by National Institutes of Health Grant R01-MH085092 and by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. We thank Glenn Castillo and Stephen Dashnaw for their assistance with EEG–fMRI data acquisition.

External Publication Links:

Prestimulus EEG alpha oscillations modulate task-related fMRI BOLD responses to auditory stimuli.
Fast bootstrapping and permutation testing for assessing reproducibility and interpretability of multivariate FMRI decoding models
Simultaneous EEG-fMRI reveals a temporal cascade of task-related and default-mode activations during a simple target detection task
Simultaneous EEG-fMRI Reveals Temporal Evolution of Coupling between Supramodal Cortical Attention Networks and the Brainstem

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3T Philips Achieva



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