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A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions.

A test-retest dataset was acquired to validate fMRI tasks used in pre-surgical planning. In particular, five task-related fMRI time series (finger, foot and lip movement, overt verb generation, covert verb generation, overt word repetition, and landmark tasks) were used to investigate which protocols gave reliable single-subject results. Ten healthy participants in their fifties were scanned twice using an identical protocol 2-3 days apart. In addition to the fMRI sessions, high-angular resolution diffusion tensor MRI (DTI), and high-resolution 3D T1-weighted volume scans were acquired.


  • Pernet CR
  • Wardlaw JM
  • Whittle IR
  • Bastin ME
  • Storkey A
  • Gorgolewski KJ

Acknowledgements and Funding:

The study was funded by the Edinburgh Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.

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A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions

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GE Signa HDxt 1.5T



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000114



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