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Classification learning

Subjects performed a classification learning task with two different problems (across different runs), using a "weather prediction" task.  In one (probabilistic) problem, the labels were probabilistically related to each set of cards.  In another (deterministic) problem, the labels were deterministically related to each set of cards.  After learning, subjects participated in an event-related block of judgment only (no feedback) in which they were presented with stimuli from both of the training problems.


Note (30 Jan 2016): It was reported that the anatomical volumes for subjects sub016 and sub017 are identical. Updated data downloads will be available soon.

Note (22 Feb 2016): In addition to the above note, it was found that some subjects highres001 and inplane data did not seem to be from the same person. We advise using this dataset with caution until these issues are corrected.



001 Probabilistic classification task

002 deterministic classification

003 classification probe without feedback


  • Gluck, M.A.
  • Poldrack, R.A.
  • Aron, A.R.

Acknowledgements and Funding:

Whitehall Foundation and NSF grant BCS-0223843 to R.A.P. The authors thank Allan J. Tobin and Robert Bilder for helpful discussion and encouragement, Sabrina Tom for scanning and Catherine Myers and Daphna Shohamy for help with task design.

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Long-term test-retest reliability of fMRI

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3 T Siemens Allegra MRI scanner



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000002



Warning: some of NIFTI files included in this dataset are missing orientation information (sform and qform). Distinguishing between left and right might not be possible. We are looking into fixing this issue.
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Revision: 2.0.5 Date Set: Nov. 4, 2016, 6 p.m.


- Removed anat/sub-**_inplaneT2.nii.gz files for sub-01 and sub-02 as they were same

Revision: 2.0.4 Date Set: Oct. 24, 2016, 8:01 p.m.


- Removed T1's for sub-16 and sub-17 as they were duplicate.

Revision: 2.0.3 Date Set: Oct. 13, 2016, 2:16 a.m.


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